You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, so your sleep experience matters.

The feel of the bed, the air you breath, and the light you bring into our bedroom all have an effect on your sleep experience.

Teague Nelson

Editor’s Note

A few years ago I moved to New York City from Seattle. A native of the northwest, I never realized how much I had taken the clean pacific air and cool nights for granted until my first few nights in the new city left me feeling stuffy and hazy in the morning.

It was through the search for an air purifier that I began to think about the bedroom as a holistic environment, and understand what optimizing it for sleep really meant.

If better rest at night can lead to better days, why not focus on making the bedroom the best environment it can be for your sleep? This change in thinking prompted me to begin Sleep Surroundings.There are a lot of mattress review sites, and a few academic sites that publish research about sleep health, but rarely are they used to inform each-other. My mission with Sleep Surroundings is, and has always been, to make research backed information about sleep health accessible and actionable, and to review and recommend only the best designed and tested products to improve your sleep experience.

– Teague Nelson, Editor

Our Process is About People

We’re driven by the idea that building healthy habits in support of our everyday core functions empowers us be our best selves.

We’ve broken apart the core experience of sleeping and examined the environmental factors that surround you while you sleep. Our aim is to be the definitive source to find out about sleep health, improving your sleep, and how to build the perfect sleep environment.


Our work starts with in depth, unbiased and independent research into the factors that affect sleep. We begin by talking to experts in the fields of sleep, spatial design, and ergonomics to understand how the science of each can lead to the best sleep environment as a whole. Only when we truly understand the factors at play do we begin our process of distilling those findings into published advice and finding the best products to build and compliment the sleep environment.

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